Damask Rose – Ρόδο Δαμασκού



An essential oil with exquisite fragrance.

It is consider to be a feminine essential oil, as it is the most powerful anti-aging essential oil, it helps with sexual frigidity and conception difficulties.

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100% pure and natural essential oil, biochemically certified CT. Medical grade.

  • Latin name: Rosa Damascena
  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Distilled organ: Flower
  • Country of Origin: Bulgaria
  • Therapeutic value: +
  • Aromatic molecules: Nérol, géraniol, citronnellol


  • Astringent, skin tonic, regenerative +++
  • Healing, anti-aging +++
  • Aphrodisiac++
  • Antiseptic +
  • Emotional harmony and psychosomatic balance for women +++
  • Increases the vibrancy of the human body.


  • Wrinkles, atonic skin?, blotchiness, cutaneous ptosis?, varicose veins ++++
  • Gingivitis, sores +++
  • Acute and chronic bronchitis ++
  • Sexual asthenia, frigidity, introversion, impotence +++
  • Emotional disorders (women): separation, mourning, emotional shock ++++
  • Stress, anxiety, fatigue, irritability +++
  • Sprains ++


For skin complaints: Apply 1 drop of Damask Rose essential oil locally + 9 drops of apricot stone oil + 5 drops of Eglantine oil.

To open the heart chakra: Apply 1 drop of Damask Rose essential oil + 2 drops of apricot stone oil, as and when required.


None for physiological doses

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