Spike Lavander BIO – Λεβάντα Σταχυώδης (Άγρια)



100% pure and natural essential oil, biochemically certified CT. Medical grade.

An essential oil known for dealing with insect bites, bruises and burns of any kind. Spike Lavender essential oil is a sedative, antispasmodic, pain killer, and has antibacterial, antiseptic and healing properties.

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100% pure and natural essential oil, biochemically certified CT. Medical grade.

This essential oil comes from a different plant to True Lavender: it blooms later (June- August), its flowers are light violet and its aromatic molecules contain cineole and camphor, which are almost absent from True Lavender.

This plant likes the scrublands of southern Europe and limy soils, is sensitive to cold and has long stems. In addition, it is found at a lower altitude than True Lavender, at about 800m. Its fragrance is not preferred, as it resembles that of camphor.

  • Latin Name: Lavandula latifolia spica
  • Family: Lamiaceae
  • Distilled organ: flowering tops
  • Country of origin: France (higher quality), Spain (lower quality)
  • Distilled organ: flowering top
  • Therapeutic Value: ++++
  • Aromatic molecules: 1,8 cineole, linalol, camphor


  • Antibacterial
  • Αntitoxic
  • Αntiviral, immunostimulant
  • Fungicidal


  • To relieve burns, wounds, ulcers, sores and psoriasis.
  • To relieve bites caused by wasp, jellyfish, or any insect.
  • To relieve cramps or joint pains.
  • For gynecological and dermal fungal infections
  • For respiratory and ENT infections: bronchitis, laryngitis, catarrh and otitis
  • Depression

Tips of use:

Internally: in 2 drops of honey, olive oil or sugar, under the tongue, 3 times a day.

Externally: For skin diseases, apply 3 to 6 drops locally, 3 times a day.

For insect bites, apply 2 drops every 5 minutes for 1/2 hour.


With medical advice for infants and pregnant or breast-feeding women.

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