Tea-tree BIO



A light and disinfectant essential oil, known for treating acne. It is also widely used for oral and ENT infections.

Essential in every family’s aromatic medicine cabinet.

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100% pure and natural essential oil, biochemically certified CT. Medical grade.

(Synonyms: Narrow-leaved paperbark tea tree, ti-tree, ti-trol, melasol)

Latin Name: Melaleuca alternifolia

(The name Melaleuca is derived from the Ancient Greek μέλας (mélas) meaning “dark” or “black” and λευκός (leukós) meaning “white”, and refers to the contrast of the dark foliage with the pale bark.)

Family: Myrtaceae
Distilled organ: leaf
Country of origin: Australia
Therapeutic Value: ++++
Aromatic molecules: Terpineol 1,4, γ-terpinene

Major, wide-ranging antibacterial +++
Antiviral and immunostimulant +++
Prevention of burns in radiotherapy +++
Anti-asthenic, neurotonic, venous decongestant++
Antifungal, antiparasitic ++

Infections of the mouth – white spots in throat and mouth, stomatitis, abscesses, gingivitis +++
Bacterial, candidosic, viral and parasitic enteritis +++
ENT infections: otitis, sinusitis, emphysema +++
Cutaneous infections +++
Ashtenia, general exhaustion, cerebral and cardiac fatigue +++
Prevention of burns in radiotherapy +++
One of the most used essential oils, alongside Lavender and Niaouli. It is low cost, but strong smelling (similar to camphor)

Cosmetic Use:

Ideal for oily skin. Excellent in dealing with acne.

Tea tree is an essential oil that no longer needs to prove itself! It is found in a very large number of washing (soap, shampoo, bath oil) and cosmetic products. In addition, it is rightly considered a reliable element of medical and family aromatherapy. Today, enormous demand for tea tree has led to the establishment of plantations that extend over thousands of hectares in Australia.

Tip: For optimal oral hygiene every day, apply 1-2 drops on your toothbrush, before applying the toothpaste, and brush your teeth.


None known for physiological doses

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